Bluegrass music tabs for those who want to play themselves

Published: 25th September 2006
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Particularly American bluegrass music has had for quite a while now its settled artists and their eager admirers. Bluegrass music seems to be a good companion at any moment because it sings the soul of regular people confronting with regular problems anyone can relate to. For those who hold a special place for that old-time melancholy atmosphere, there is no obstacle between them and their love for bluegrass music. However, bluegrass music is not as old as you may think. It indeed combines old rhythms with Scottish-Irish influences, but it dates back somewhere in the 1930s, when Bill Monroe turned it into a popular means of entertainment.

Nonetheless, bluegrass music goes beyond being equal to just another tool for diversified entertainment. Those who fall in love with bluegrass music often get so caught in the mix of melancholic tunes rendered by a varied assembly of stringed instruments that they want to learn to play these instruments, or at least one of them, so as to be able to perform themselves the bluegrass music of their liking. And they surely do not lack bluegrass tabs to help them out. Bluegrass tabs or bluegrass music tablature will basically attempt to render noted guidelines for the instrument of your interest.

There are genuine 'followers' of bluegrass music who cannot imagine authentic, original, unspoiled bluegrass music without some unique banjo rhythms completing the group of mandolin, guitar, bass, and fiddle. Well, there is no need to worry: bluegrass tabs for banjo are very popular. Bluegrass tabs will show you how to play your banjo (or guitar) so as to enjoy the flow of bluegrass music better adjusted to your voice. Bluegrass tabs are to be understood as mere maps on which strings, frets and proper finger placement is indicated. However, these bluegrass tabs are not the single tools for appropriate bluegrass music performing. In other words, even if bluegrass tabs are extremely useful in pointing out the fingering to be employed in playing as accurately as possible a certain bluegrass music piece, additional skills are necessary.

This does not mean that bluegrass music is 'playable' just by a privileged group. On the contrary, bluegrass tabs are available precisely in order to turn bluegrass music approachable for any other man (or woman, for that matter) with enough taste for good music so as to want to play it. The supplementary skill lies in learning to tune your instrument to be able to follow the indications provided by bluegrass tabs and to bring the instrument to actually fit your voice. An instrument out of tune has most likely some quarrel with its vibrating parts which, in the case of stringed instruments, are obviously the strings. The key to a pleasant sounding and an advantageous handling of bluegrass tabs indications lies, therefore, in tuning your stringed instruments accurately.

Bluegrass tabs are available for a wide range of songs. There are bluegrass tabs arranged for Irish tunes played with a banjo, such as Fire on the Mountain, Wildwood Flower, or Old as the Hills, there are bluegrass tabs for fiddle tunes, such as Billy in the Lowground or Gold Rush and the list of bluegrass tabs goes on, since their creators actually have the possibility to adapt numerous songs to fit the pattern of bluegrass music.

Moreover, if you want to acquire your own bluegrass tabs generator, this is possible since there are on the market programs specifically designed for bluegrass tabs writing. Such tablature writing software is generally quite easy to use and install. With the assistance of such a program, you will be able even to listen to the tablature created, edited and, in some cases, printed - everything just to make your technique better.

Although it might be tempting to use such bluegrass tabs generator software, it is recommended to be original on your own and let yourself be inspired (without copying) by the bluegrass music players who are famous for their talents. Bluegrass music is the voice of the soul that wants to let itself be heard. So let yourself feel and start singing bluegrass music. If you don't succeed, don't despair because you'll always have bluegrass music to make you feel better.

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